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Non Mormon Parents of Utah — LiveJournal


Apr. 26th, 2004 @ 05:13 pm
I met another Mom at the park today that is mormon but just moved here from Tuscon. She says Mormons here are SOOOO different. She also mentioned that when in church leadership you are not allowed to own a car that is more than $40,000!!!??? This is really bothering her, maybe she will get out... Isn't that crazy!

Mar. 21st, 2004 @ 08:13 am
Hello. I play for the Salt Lake City Women's Rugby team and we are desperately in need of a few good women. Don't know how to play? We'll teach you. Aren't in shape? Neither are we. Prefer drinking beer to playing sports? Yeah? What's yer point?

Seriously, this team is a wonderful way to meet some very cool people (a rugby team isn't a team, it's a family), get in some good excercise, and work out all kinds of aggression and demons.

We are a non-college women's club which means several things:

1. While we do want to be competitive, the name of the game is fun. SO EVERYONE will get their chance on the field. Bench warming is no fun. Bench warming makes people lose interest. SO if you show up, you play. There's no money on the table, no scholarships to be won, we just want everyone to have a great time playing a great sport.

2. While we practice 3 times a week (most weeks)we recognize that are team is made up of "grown ups" who have jobs, school, children etc. We're pretty understanding on legitimate excuses.

3. We are all over 21 and know how to have a damn good time. :)

4. Closely related to that, we like to have "socials" after every game and for no reason at all, so if you're looking for a way to stay in shape, do something different, and make new friends, this is the way to do it.

If anyone is interested in joining, or knows someone who would be, please e-mail Emily at deweye@law.utah.edu, or show up to Piper Down tonight at 7:30.

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Mar. 20th, 2004 @ 04:40 am
Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Shelli, and my husband is Alex. We have a 10 month old name Paige.
Im so excited to find this community! I lived here most of my life off and on and had a really hard childhood due to not being mormon and Im really scared to raise my daughter here. Anyway, I look forward to meeting everyone and reading your stories and opinions. It makes me feel that much more comfortable living here knowing that there are other people that feel the way I do.

Hello Mar. 17th, 2004 @ 05:56 pm
Well, I'm so excited to have found this community! I have so much in common with all of you. My name is Bob, I moved to Utah in 1988 to go to school. Well, I'm still here! And that's ok. I love living here. I'm married and my wife and I have two beautiful daughters; Ireland almost three and Isabella six months. I am not mormon, my wife was raised in a mormon family but rejected mormonism at age 13. I am totally scared of how my children are to be treated when it comes time for school. I have good friends from the 80's punk and goth scenes that have horror stories about school and being non-mormon. I am seriously considering private schools and possibly home schooling. I can't even begin to tell you all how terribly i've been treated by the mo's here. And that's just the in-laws! I live in a very cliquey neighborhood, and well I have a fully fenced yard! Anyways, thanks for letting me rant a little, I look forward to talking to you all more! Maybe we can for some sort of support group that meets in a *private club for members* sort of place.

It's me again... Feb. 24th, 2004 @ 01:06 am
Sorry about my previous rambling post!

My name is Jenn, and I've lived on in the Idaho/Utah area since I was 12. I'm 19 now. I'm married and have a three month old named Madelyne Vyoletta (Maddie). Driggs is EXTREMELY Mormon - a little more hardcore than other areas because it's so small. I've been harassed about being pregnant before I was married, and not having my daughter raised in 'the church'. No one in my family is Mormon and neither are my inlaws. It's really frustrating sometimes - everyone here is very conservitive, and I'm extremely liberal. When I was in the store the other week some woman glared and started pointing at me and whispering - my lip is pierced and I was wearing one of my husband's metal shirts. Sometimes I feel so excluded, as the town is about 70-80 % Mormon.
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» Yay!
I am so excited about this community. I JUST moved from Logan, Utah today, and am now living in Driggs, Idaho (four hours away and also very Mormon). I am so sleepy right now and I'm sorry this is such a short post, but I am so excited! I will introduce myself tomorrow. =P
» Hello.
My name is Daphne, and my boyfriend's (fiance's) name is Zak. I don't know that I'll post much mostly because I'm not a parent... yet. I will be on July 24th tho. I joined this community 'cause I have a lot of concerns about raising this kid (don't know what it is yet, have to wait till next month) and one of my major concerns is the heavy Mormon/LDS influence of this state.

I was raised in a mormon home, but I have a lot of issues with their beliefs. I'm more of an open-minded, do my own thing with a little gothic influence - type person.
I don't hate mormons, but I do dislike the ones that are totally prideful. They look down on others, and judge those who don't believe as they do. The main word that comes to mind is hypocrites. In my ward there was this lady who everyone thought was an Angel and perfect in every way. One day I came to church with my tongue pierced and some people whispered and some pointed and were shocked. Of course the teens thought it was the coolest thing. When we came home and I was talking with my sister, Camary. She said her teacher, Mrs. Swan - the angel they worship - told her that she couldn't believe how sinful I was. She wouldn't let any of her kids do what I did and has no respect for me and hopes Camary doesn't turn out as "bad" as I am.
I didn't peirce it for the reasons everyone assumes. I did it to prove just how judgmental they all are. It was mostly a thing I did to prove my thoughts about the church to my mom. She saw and heard right away the commotion such a little, stupid act caused. She said she heard one mother tell her child to never talk to people like me. She then understood my feelings and it hurt her that her own religion had taught these people to judge so harshly, especially of her own kid.

I don't want my kid to be judged or lack the friends he/he should have just cause we've decided not to raise them in the mormon church. Me and Zak are good, open minded people. And want the same of our kid. To believe what they want and live how they want. But to be open-minded and a good kid.
But already I can see how hard thats gonna be.

There was a man who came to our church for a few weeks. He smelled of smoke and alcohol, wasn't dressed up at all and had a pack of cigs in his shirt pocket. People pointed at him and you could just tell by their faces what they thought. No one talked to him or welcomed him to the church. If they really were so righteous and true I would think someone would welcome him and befriend him and support him in coming to our church. No one did. Not even their Angel, Mrs. Swan. I talked to him the second week he came. His wife had passed away but before she did she was looking into the LDS faith and tried to get him to come. Telling him how nice the people were and all about how welcomed she felt. He decided to check it out but he just felt judged. He read the same Book of Mormon that was given to her and felt he understood their beliefs but once he came he didn't understand how they could judge him so much. Yes, he smoked and drinked. But that doesn't make him a bad guy and if he was seriously considering joining it would be a sacrifice he would be willing to make but he wasn't so sure anymore. He didn't want to be the guy who smokes and looked down on cause he used to drink.

When my kid goes to school I don't want him to be the "hes/shes not mormon" kid. Or the freak with a Gothic dad (Zak's goth). I don't want people to ignore him/her or judge him/her cause they're different. I want my kid to be the kid with a cool mom and awesome dad. My dad was an awesome cook. Everyone thought my dad was cool cause he cooked great food. I want to be "the cool mom" and have my kids friends always feel welcome at our house, come over at anytime (even late at night and eat all our food if they wanted. I know its crazy but thats what I want. Its hard to get that in Utah tho.

Anyway, I've rambled enough. Mostly I might lurk around this group, maybe leave a comment or two. Just wanted to at least post an intro so someone didnt kick me out or something. =)
» Welcome!

Hey, I wanted to say hi to everyone that has joined so far and say thanks for all the support I have been getting for this community!  I look forward to hearing from everyone and getting to know you.  Here is a little about me

My husband, tweedle_d , and I have two kids, our son is 4 and our daughter is 8 weeks.  I was raised in NE and my family moved here when I was in 5th grade, I had never even heard of mormonism, what a shocker!  My husband was raised mormon but left the church as a teen.  His family is one of the most adamantly mormon people I have ever met, but unlike a lot of mormons they are not hypocritical and are genuinely really nice people, I love them a lot.  They do not pressure us to become mormon, but they do however pressure us to take the kids to church when we visit them.  I remember one time at dinner when my father in law asked me at least five times to take our son to church and I just kept saying no.  At this age, I'm not really worried about him converting or anything but I do worry about him having fun there and wanting to keep going back.  When he gets older, he will have his own choice of course, but he will be fully educated on what goes on in the church when the time comes.

Again, I look forward to hearing from you!

» Introduction

I started this community because of the trials of raising children in Utah when you are not a part of the mormon church.  When I was in 5th grade, my family moved to N. Ut to a small town with about 500 people.  I was constantly harassed for not being a member of the church.  The kids would make me cry, not invite me to parties that every kid in town was invited to, etc.  It's not so bad in Salt Lake City but we are still a minority (everyone who is not mormon no matter what religion/beliefs you have).  My husband and I did want to move to Oregon to raise our kids because of the problems here.  We recently joined a large Baptist church and since then it has seemed better.  I think it is really important for non mormons to stick together and support each other in this state. 

There are children in my neighborhood that my son isn't allowed to play with because we don't attend their church.  I think this is just as bad as racism.  Please join me in supporting each other.  We live in a beautiful state with excellent snow!

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